Current weather & forecast

For any city or location around the globe you can show:

  • a 5 day weather forecast
  • the current weather

Modular Views

Configure your weather station individually:

  • Add any location or time
  • Add several sensors
  • Move the modules to any place you like

Bluetooth Sensors

With the BLE sensors you can

  • get the temperature in the garden
  • the humidity in the living room
  • the barometric pressure of your location

A great weather app! It’s the first one that combines the weather forecast with my local weather sensor data!

Thank you so much guys!

Ricardo Seth

Supported Sensors

TI SensorTag

The sensor we recommend for your own weather station!

TI SimpleLink™ SensorTag 2.0

This is a great low-cost weather sensor.

Estimote Beacon & Sticker

Determine the temperature of any location with the waterproof Estimote Beacon & Sticker!

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 / 6 Plus includes a barometric pressure sensor. With the MyWeatherCenter app you get a great barometer!


Get alarmed!

Too hot? Too cold? Too moistly? Never again! With MyWeatherCenter 2.2 you can setup an alarm for any case you think! Just some ideas you may like to try out on your own: Your wife hates a cold sleeping room? Configure an alarm for any temperature under 18°C / 64°F!...

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Apple Watch works with MyWeatherCenter

Want to have your latest weather station data or weather forecast within a tip of a finger? Now you can! MyWeatherCenter support the new gadget from Apple, the Apple Watch! The latest update brings you almost all the data you have in the iPhone to your wrist: 5 day...

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Use MyWeatherCenter as a world clock

Ever wanted to have a world clock? MyWeatherCenter let's you easily configure that! Just go to the Settings screen and add as much time/date module with all the places of which you need the time!

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MyWeatherCenter supports Estimote Sticker

The Estimote Sticker comes with a integrated temperature sensor. This makes it a great sensor to use with MyWeatherCenter! Since MyWeatherCenter 2.2 the Estimote Sticker are supported. You just have to be in reach of the Bluetooth sensor and add it in the settings...

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