Installing a new firmware on TI SensorTag

Stay connected with your weather station - always!

Advantages of our firmware V1.42

  • Have the TI SensorTag always connected with your iPhone (it connects every 320 ms).
  • For saving battery life of the TI SensorTag it can be turned on and off manually by pressing the button on the side of the TI SensorTag (best to see in dark rooms as the little green LED in the middle is stop blinking).
  • Ability to reset the TI Sensortag by pressing the side button for 5 seconds.

1. Preparation

  1. Download the TI SensorTag app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Important: this firmware can only be used for SensorTag, not for SensorTag 2.0!
    Download  the firmware images. Both are the same image, but needed later.

2. Upload firmware to iOS device

  1. Connect your iOS-device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)  to your PC with a cable.
  2. Open iTunes and select your iOS-device on the left side.
  3. Select the “Apps” section.
  4. Scroll  down to the bottom of the page to File Sharing. The “SensorTag” app should appear in the “Apps”-list.iTunes Firmware Update TI SensorTag
  5. Click “Add…” on the right hand side and select the new firmware files, both SensorTagAO_142-A.bin and SensorTagAO_142-B.bin.
  6. Synchronize iTunes with your iOS-device by pressing the “Sync”-button. The firmware images will be uploaded to your iOS device.

3. Update firmware

  1. Stop the MyWeatherCenter to avoid any conflicts with the TI SensorTag app.
  2. Start the SensorTag app in your iOS device.
  3. Connect your iOS device by pressing the side button of the SensorTag.
    TI Sensor Tag Reset

4. The device appears in the app.


7. Tap “Select FW File” and “Shared Files …”


5. Tap on SensorTag and select “Sensor View”.


8. Select firmware file.


If you had installed Image Type A before, you have to choose SensorTagAO_142-B.bin

If you had installed Image Type B before, you have to choose SensorTagAO_142-A.bin

Don’t be afraid to chose the wrong image, nothing can happen! If you use the wrong one a message will appear and you can select again.

6. Scroll down to “TI OAD profile” and tap “>”.


9. The firmware will be uploaded.


This will take some minutes.

Important hint: even you have installed our firmware with Version 1.42, in the TI SensorTag App Version 1.5 will be displayed. This is only a display issue, which can be ignored! More information can be found on the TI website.

Connect MyWeatherCenter to the SensorTag

  1. Important: Stop the TI SensorTag app to avoid any conflicts with the MyWeatherCenter app.
  2. Start the MyWeatherCenter app.
  3. With the new firmware the SensorTag will automatically establish a connection to your iOS device every 320 ms.

If you face any connections problems, have a look for a solution in the FAQ.


Battery lifetime

With the new firmware the SensorTag will not use the sleep mode, therefore battery lifetime of the SensorTag and the iOS device can be reduced. According to our tests the battery will last for around 3-4 months! To save battery life you can use the switch at the side of the TI SensorTag to switch off the connection!