Estimote Beacon

Where to use a waterproof temperature sensor
Estimote Beacon in the rain

The rain can’t harm it

Want to measure the temperature outside?
The Estimote Beacon is the perfect sensor as it is waterproof!

Estimote Beacon in bedroom

Sleeping room

The sleeping room is too hot in summer? Or too cold in winter?
With the Estimote you can easily determine it!

Estimote Beacon in the garden

In the garden

With the Estimote Beacon you can measure the outside temperature easily.

Estimote Beacon in the refrigerator

Avoid food spoiling!

The temperature in you refrigerator has to be constant to avoid that your food get spoiled. Put the Estimote Beacon in your fridge to control the temperature!

Estimote Beacon in a birdhouse

In the birdhouse

Put the temperature sensor in a birdhouse. In the shadow the temperature is more accurate for measuring weather data.

Estimote Beacon protecting plants

Protect your plants

Plants sometimes┬ádon’t like the hot sun rays! Protect them if it gets to hot!

Estimote Beacon on balcony

On the balcony

The balcony is a good place to put the Estimote Beacon. Place it in the shadow on the sheltered side to get the most accurate temperature.

Estimote Beacon in the cellar

No mold in the cellar!

When the cellar gets too cold mold can the result and damage it. Avoid it by controlling the temperature!

Estimote Beacon in the bathroom


Want to have a convinient temperature in your bathroom? Get it with this waterproof sensor easily!